August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area, St. Louis, Missouri

Lotus covered pond

Lotus covered pond – Click Image to see full Gallery

D-700, my hubby and I recently found ourselves in St. Louis, Missouri.  Now while most people would probably go and spend the only day they had in St. Louis going to the Arch, we went about things a little differently.  Besides, my hubby and I had already been to the Arch a couple of times before and D-700 prefers nature over manmade structures any day.  This time around we decided to check out the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area just outside of St. Louis. Continue reading

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Norris Dam State Park, Lake City, Tennessee

Norris Dam Bluffs

Norris Dam Bluffs – Click Image to see complete gallery

Recently, D-700 and I found ourselves in the Knoxville, Tennessee area.  We had just a few hours to explore and see what we could find.  We hit the maps, found Tennessee,  found Knoxville and then started looking for green shaded areas close by.  We discovered Norris Dam State Park was about a thirty minute drive away and off we headed.  Continue reading

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The Annular Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Among the Clouds

Solar Eclipse Among the Clouds – Click image to see all photos

D-700 and I are not what one might call “Astronomy Buffs”, but we do find astronomy events interesting. You may have heard of the Annular Solar Eclipse that recently happened. When we heard about it we were extremely excited. A ring of fire photo sounded like something we would like to add to our collection. We were a little bummed when we realized that in central Oklahoma we would only get to see a partial solar eclipse and that our schedule didn’t allow us an opportunity to go where the full annular eclipse could be seen. We talked about it and decided a partial eclipse photo would still be worth having. Continue reading

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San Antonio Zoo


Flamingo – Click Image to see all photos

The art shows are over until July, the foot has healed and finally D-700 and I are back to what we call a normal schedule.  While my foot was in the process of healing, walking on uneven ground was not an option.  Unfortunately for me, most nature and wildlife photography is done on ground that is definitely not level.  I did finally break down and take pity on D-700.  He was itching to go take pictures and honestly I was dying to get out of the house.  So we decided to go to the one place I know of where there is both wildlife and nice even sidewalks; the zoo. Continue reading

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Art show Update

Hey everyone, D-700 here!  Tami is busy putting on the final touches for the Art Shows this weekend so I thought I would sneek in and let you know what’s going on.  Last weekend was such a B-U-M-M-E-R!!!  We got all set up for our first show ever and BAM, we get tornadoed out.  That’s okay though, we are going to try it again this weekend.  That means the 2nd Friday Circuit of Art is becoming the 3rd Friday Circuit of Art this month.  Come on by and see us!  We will be showcasing Emerald Isle photos.  Don’t forget we will also be in Stillwater this weekend for the Arts Festival and will be showing a wider variety of photos there.  See you there!  Oops, Tami’s coming, better go.  Talk to you later.

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Upcoming Shows

D-700 and I would like to announce that we will be showing some of our favorite photos at several upcoming art shows.  First of all, we will be participating in Norman’s 2nd Friday Art Walk on April 13th.   Our Emerald Isle collection will be displayed in the DM Wealth Management offices at 201 E Main in downtown Norman, OK.  The following weekend, April 21st and 22nd, we will be participating in Stillwater’s Arts Festival.  Last, but not least, we will be will be taking part in Norman’s May Fair on May 5th.  Photos will be available for sale at each of the shows.

We hope you can come by and see us at one of these shows!

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Refecting on Past Trips

Reflections of Fall

Reflections of Fall - click on image to see all photos

Whine, whine, whine; that’s all D-700 has been doing lately.  I recently had to have foot surgery and have not been able to take D-700 out to take any new pictures.  To help appease him I let him look through some of his past photos.  He managed to find several shots that we hadn’t shared in the past so we thought we would share them with you now. Continue reading

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